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Swatch - artfully, playfully, inimitably Swiss

Swatch transforms Zurich Airport into a live art studio

The Swiss watchmaker has partnered with Zurich Airport for a 4-week art project, “Swatch Loves Art – Zurich AirPainting”, which kicks off at the end of August. Passengers can paint on canvases set up in the terminal, admire an amazing work of airborne art and watch eight young Swiss painters working “live” as they compete for two special Swatch Awards.

Swatch - artfully, playfully, inimitably Swiss

With “Swatch Loves Art – Zurich AirPainting”, passengers will find special Swatch areas throughout the airport where they can draw on big canvases while waiting for their flights. Uniting all the different art spaces is the overall theme of “Swissness”, playfully embodied by Swatch’s latest collection, “Gruezi All!”.

Stephen Dean’s Airborne Art

Swatch has invited the French-American artist Stephen Dean to exhibit a most extraordinary work of art: an enormous, supremely colorful dichroic glass and aluminum installation will hang suspended – airborne – high above the heads of travelers in the terminal. Stephen Dean’s spectacular work will astonish people with the essence of Swatch: emotion, joy of life, colors and lightness. The patterns and sculptural ladder invite them to lift off into a colorful and deeply poetic world.


The Swatch Art Peace Hotel

Swatch和藝術家合作的歷史長達30年,Swatch Art Peace Hotel計畫在2011年正式啟用,再次證明Swatch對藝術家和藝術創作理念的支持。Swatch熱愛藝術,對藝術家也有無比崇敬。他們的自由本性和活力,正好反映世人和全宇宙的理想。

Swatch Art Peace Hotel的概念獨特又創新,共提供18間工作室,讓藝術家能在充滿靈感的城市環境中生活與創作。

Public vote contest

Your chance to win!

Swatch has invited eight young Swiss painters for a live performance - right at Zurich Airport! Starting with a blank canvas, each artist has only four hours to complete a painting. One of the artists will win The Swatch Award.

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