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Swatch nicko

Born in 1983, Nicolas Constantin, alias Nicko, is a multi-talented young urban artist from Wallis (Switzerland). Skilled in graffiti from an early age, he has developed a style of his own that truly stands out. He draws on the vibrant colours and primitive expression of tribal art, adding precision and dexterity to the mix. Since graduating from the Ecole cantonale d'art du Valais (ECAV) ten years ago, Nicko has worked in the field of graffiti and graphic design and exhibited his works on several occasions, mainly in Switzerland and Brussels. During his travels, he has left his mark on several major European cities and placed his stickers as far away as Bangkok. After living in Biel for a few years, the young talent decided to settle in Geneva. A prolific artist, Nicko divides his time between his passion for painting and commissions in the field of graphic design.


Swatch kreatyves

I am KREATYVES - Berlin based tattoo artist and screen printer. I started my creative career as an architectural lighting designer. In 2010, I started training as a tattoo artist and have spent the last 5 years working at On Point Tattoo Studio (Switzerland). When I’m not inking skin, I’m busy in my print workshop where I specialize in screen printing.


Swatch lain

As a whiz of many design skills - analog and digital - Lain works in several fields of visual design and established his reputation as a multifarious designer. Currently he works from his own studio, producing bespoke design solutions for numerous clients around the world - mostly positioned somewhere between art and commerce.

Serge Lowrider

Serge lowrider

Born in 1972, Serge “Lowrider” Nidegger lives and works in Fribourg, Switzerland. It was on printing his first stickers at the age of 8 that he knew he would make it his job. After learning the ropes of screen printing the traditional way, he soon realized that the only way to keep on printing & painting with passion was to open his own studio. In 2000, he started Lowrider.

Serge claims to belong to a craftsman tradition that goes back to the 60's, inspired by sign painters and a computer-free era. The experimentation in his work can also be found in the numerous collaborations he undertakes with designers, brands, rock clubs, art galleries and festivals, seizing those opportunities to try to push things forward.


Swatch safu

Sarah Furrer aka Safu was born in Switzerland, but spent the first six years of her life in sunny San Diego. She then returned to Switzerland and lived in Lucerne for a while, where she studied graphic design at the Lucerne School of Art and Design. In 2007, Safu spent four months working as a graphic designer in Berlin, and from 2008 to 2011 she worked as a graphic designer and illustrator for Rawcut Creative Studio in Zurich. Between 2011 and 2014 she was employed by DD COM in Zurich. Since June 2014, Sarah Furrer has been a freelance graphic designer and illustrator. Even as a three-year-old, Safu was always drawing and painting. The talent she was to express in her drawings almost two decades later was clear at an early age. Safu's works are urban, contemporary and yet poetic. She draws inspiration from her everyday surroundings. In her work, you can detect the influence of travel, films, books and magazines - and above all music - which she blends together in her unique style to create the end-product. Safu prefers to work in black pencil, Molotow markers, acrylics and ink. Safu's works are modern but timeless.


Linus von moos on a motorbike

Linus von Moos discovered his creative side in his childhood. As a young boy he tried to draw his perfect superhero. Sketchpad and pencil were his constant companions. He developed his creativity and painted continuously whenever and wherever he could. Through breakdance came Linus von Moss, better known as Rips1, to graffiti, and he began to spray. For him, the creative work was of great importance and had a liberating effect. As a further development step, he completed an apprenticeship as a decorative designer. In this way Rips1 learned the feeling for materials and various techniques. His goal is always to try new things.

Rips1 is an illustrator, graphic designer, sprayer, flyer designer, decoration designer - put simply a more adventurous, creative person who lives out his versatility with his art.

Michel Fr

Michel fr

Michel FR was born in Fribourg (Switzerland) in 1976. He holds diplomas from Fribourg's teacher training college (1996) and the School of Visual Art Bern and Biel, where he specialised in graphic art (2001). He combines his role as a freelance graphic artist and painter with teaching in a school in Fribourg.

He first concentrated on black and white drawing, working on both text and image to produce small-scale “home-made” books. His world is populated with sociable and endearing characters, monsters and nameless creatures.

Michel FR’s painting reflects an off-beat sense of humour, with situations that are often comical and sometimes unsavoury. He specialises in large-format works in vivid colours.  His paintings often incorporate text, either in the form of speech bubbles or as an integral part of the composition. He has taken part in various exhibitions, both individual and collective, all over Switzerland and abroad.


Swatch fichtre

Born in Vevey in 1983, studied at ECAL in 2005 and completed his Master's degree in Visual Arts at HEAD in Geneva in 2015. He co-founded STADIO, an art space based in Vevey in 2014 with Jacques Duboux, Guillaume Ehinger and Joelle Nicolas, and has taught graphic design and illustration at the Ecole Cantonale d’Art du Valais since 2008.

Through a practice of drawing and installation, his work questions the themes related to human traces, the showing of drawings and the temporality in front of art. As FICHTRE, he participated in several publications, including “Die Gestalten Verlag” (Altitude, Los Logos, Kelvin, Regular) and exhibited in several galleries in Switzerland, France and Belgium. He has worked as an illustrator on more than twenty mandates, for musicians (such as Dimlite, The Mondrians, Feldermelder, ...) and for companies (such as SWISS, Swatch, Red Bull, Lift Conference, HyperWeek, Prism ...).