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Levo is a polyptych comprising fourteen pieces, a conceptual altarpiece woven by an autonomous idea of painting, sculpture and spatial composition. It expresses a positive message of social and personal elevation through the color and textures that emphasize the vernacular nature of this creation, strengthening the connection with the place and the community.
Detached from the piece itself, the positioning of life experience offers a creative filter for a methodical collection of geometric and textural elements that moves the observer to free apprehension.
The artist’s work is characterized by an appearance of aesthetic simplicity that nonetheless transcends an intrinsic complexity derived from the vernacular nature of materials, shapes, colors and textures in an abstract piece that leaves all emotional connections and subjective interpretations to the observer.

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Santiago Aleman was born in 1972 in La Almarcha (Spain) as Julian Ramirez Rentero and lives and works in London. He studied Architecture, Landscaping and Fine Arts at universities in Spain, Germany, Japan and the United Kingdom, and has taught Architecture Concepts at Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University in Suzhou, China. Aleman has developed a practice held as contemporary art with a creative focus on the importance of environmental and socio-cultural realities. His work revolves around the idea of the vernacular ethos as an artistic route to abstraction. The vernacular of the present times returns to embrace a multiplicity of expressions, related less to the literary code of academia and rather closer to a reality the artist builds as a visual construction of the intersection between spatial structure and volumetric painting. Aleman has exhibited his work in the United Kingdom, Taiwan, Spain and China

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