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“This Moment is Magic” started in 2017 during Yoon’s residency at the Swatch Art Peace Hotel in Shanghai and deals about a line between her life and magic. The work of sublimating life experience in fantasy involves a sense of agony, illusion, eroticism and wit – a process of associations, one after another. When a boundary emerges between reality and fantasy, the artist interprets it in her visual language.

Diagnosed with cancer 7 years ago, the artist’s chemotherapy involved an analgesic injection – it not only relieved pain, but also made her feel vivid. Here and now, the injection refers to a traditional Korean color-striped Magic Stick, and her chemical arousal wears a costume of Magical girl battling against evils.

“This Moment” is an idea of time as intangible space and memory as tangible history; technology and science turn into art – intuitive and illusional – in the word “Magic”.
The set of 12 wands refers on the one hand to the Eastern, Chinese zodiac signs themed by year and earth, and on the other to the Western horoscope signs themed by month and universe. Everyone living here on Earth belongs to these 24 signs of the zodiac and horoscope; it is a moment and eternity at the same time.

Yoon’s art has changed the memory of pain and suffering into fantasy; split-second turns into magic or future. Wishing these instants in our time were eternal, magic moments, we all shall chant, “This moment is Magic!”

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Dorothy M. Yoon (Miyeon Yoon) was born in Busan (South Korea) in 1976 and currently lives and works in Seoul. Yoon studied Master of Fine Arts at Ewha Woman’s University in Seoul as well as Goldsmiths College, University of London.
Dorothy M. Yoon has shown her work in solo exhibitions and has also participated in numerous group and independent exhibitions. Her work can be found in multiple public and private collections throughout Europe and Asia.

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