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Swatch and Arte Laguna Prize

Swatch loves art and believes that artists, with their messages, freedom, energy and focus, contribute to making the world a better place. Working closely together for more than 30 years, Swatch and artists have created more than 100 amazing Swatch Art Specials. Today the Swatch & Art love story has taken on a new dimension with the brand’s artist-in-residence program at The Swatch Art Peace Hotel, in Shanghai. 

For Arte Laguna Prize, Swatch is offering a three-to-six-month stay at The Swatch Art Peace Hotel in Shanghai: A unique possibility for an emerging artist to develop his or her talent and to meet other artists from all over the world. An international committee led by Swatch Group CEO Nick Hayek makes the selection, looking for emotional power and provocative ideas while taking into consideration the vision, biography and portfolio of the artists who apply.

Swatch Creative Director Carlo Giordanetti is a member of the international jury of the 10th Arte Laguna Prize. From the 120 finalists he will select the winner of a very special award from Swatch: an invitation to live and work for six months as an artist-in-residence at The Swatch Art Peace Hotel in Shanghai, China.

Arte laguna prize - silvia manazza (italy)

Arte Laguna Prize - Silvia Manazza (Italy)

Italia, inizio XXI Secolo, raro trumeau in stile post-consumismo con vasellame

Swatch والفن

The Swatch Art Peace Hotel

لقد عملت Swatch بشكل وثيق مع الفنانين لأكثر من 30 عامًا. ويعتبر Swatch Art Peace Hotel، الذي انطلق في عام 2011، بمثابة مثال إضافي على التزام العلامة التجارية بدعم الموهبة والإبداع. وتقدر Swatch الفن والفنانين. حيث تعكس حريتهم وطاقتهم رؤية للعالم الذي هو في الوقت نفسه شخصي جدًا وعالمي على حد سواء.

يشتمل التصور الفريد والمبتكر لـ Swatch Art Peace Hotel على 18 استوديو، حيث يعيش الفنانون ويعملون في بيئة حضرية محفزة.

About Carlo Giordanetti

About carlo giordanetti

Carlo Giordanetti was named Creative Director of Swatch Ltd. in October 2012, responsible for a unified brand identity across product, communications and store design. He is also charged with developing The Swatch Art Peace Hotel in Shanghai as a strategic element of the overall brand program. He comes to Swatch from Montblanc (2007-2012), where he served as Creative Director for all product groups and achieved notable success. Previously, as Co-Founder and Creative Director of Brand DNA (2000-2007), he specialized in the development of branding concepts and brand (re)positioning in the luxury goods market.

Mr. Giordanetti also brings extensive experience at Swatch to his new role. For ten years (1987-1992 and 1995-2000) he served in a variety of positions, including Vice President, Marketing, contributing actively to numerous projects involving art, brand-building events, new product development and the Atlanta 1996 Olympic Games. He was also a member of the team that founded both the Milan and New York design labs of Swatch. From 1992-1995 Mr. Giordanetti worked at Piaggio, makers of Vespa scooters, where he established a new retail concept and directed the company’s first international communications campaign.