SwatchPAY! The coolest way to pay!

Swiss Made, ready for the world
Underwater and under pressure payments, 3 bar to be precise
Battery-free payments, worry-free days
Easy to block in case of emergency
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The coolest way to pay!


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Big Bold
BBMIST PAY! SO27W101-5300 430 AED Discover
BBSKY PAY! SO27N106-5300 430 AED Discover
BBNYTE PAY! SO27B106-5300 430 AED Discover
New Gent
GRAPHITE PAY! SVIM100-5300 335 AED Discover
OCEAN PAY! SVIN103-5300 335 AED Discover
Blackback pay! SVIB105-5300 335 AED Discover
Pastel pay! SVIP101-5300 335 AED Discover
Magic pay! SVIW109-5300 335 AED Discover
Chic pay! SVIW108-5300 335 AED Discover

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* Mastercard only